FAQ - Answers to Handiwipes Questions

Q. Can I put Handi Wipes® in a washing machine?
A. Yes, but machine washing isn’t necessary. Just rinse and air dry.
Q. How long does a single Handi Wipes® cloth last?
A. Handi Wipes are designed to last through 20 washings.
Q. What surfaces can I use Handi Wipes® on?
A. Lint-free, scratch-free Handi Wipes can be used on any surface in your home, including fragile nonstick pans, outdoor patio furniture, auto interiors and exteriors, even leather surfaces!
Q. Where can I buy Handi Wipes® Reusable Cloths?
A. Check out our Where to Buy page.
Green Works

Use reusable Handi Wipes with Green Works® naturally-derived cleaners for a great clean.

Rinse. Reuse. Reduce. And Save!